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The only opera that Ludwig van Beethoven wrote deals with the most sublime themes that move mankind – love and freedom! Nothing could fit better in these pandemic and war-torn times. A young woman disguises herself as a man to track down her husband, whom she has been without for years due to political despotism.

Experience our adaptation of this masterpiece supported by KS Kurt Rydl in autumn 2023 and let us take you into a world of opera that you rarely find nowadays.

Mozart & Salieri meet Zanetto

Two opera rarities in one evening on the themes of art, genius and artistic freedom show strong characters who could not be more different and yet cannot escape the tension of mutual attraction.

The tense relationship between genius and mediocrity, creative unselfishness and jealous ambition reaches a climax between Mozart and Salieri and is also reflected in the love affair between Zanetto and Silvia.

Fiori Musicali

The concert series celebrates life and love with some of the most dazzling arias in Italian opera and the most beautiful Neapolitan and Florentine songs.

Operetta Magic

We love the operetta! It belongs to Vienna just like the Prater and the magnificent Schönbrunn. In this concert series, we present gems from the most popular operettas, but also pieces that are not sung that often. Let us enchant you!


Our particular focus lies on providing carefully selected, unique concert programs and outstanding performances in an exclusive environment. It is important for us to work not only with famous artists, but to also provide opportunities for younger and yet unknown singers and musicians to showcase their talent.


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